Michael Leonard, Ph.D. portrait
Phone: 724-223-6131
Office: Swanson 300A
Email: mleonard@washjeff.edu


Michael S. Leonard, Ph.D.

Professor of Chemistry

Degrees: Ph.D. Chemistry (Organic/Bioorganic Chemistry), University of Pennsylvania; B.A. Chemistry with ACS Certification, Goucher College

Michael Leonard is a professor in the Department of Chemistry. He teaches introductory, intermediate and advanced organic chemistry. Dr. Leonard has also taught biochemistry and courses for non-science majors, including “Science & Art” and “Molecules That Changed The World.” His JayTerm course, “Easing the transition from Organic Chemistry I to II,” flips the classroom and involves students in interactive problem solving. Dr. Leonard’s research is focused on the preparation of bioactive molecules through novel synthetic methodology. Students conduct research in Dr. Leonard’s laboratory throughout the academic year and have presented their results at regional and national meetings. For more information see Michael Leonard’s wiki page.


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