In this course, students will learn the basics of guitar performance through a combination of group instruction and music theory analysis. Students will begin with learning several essential chords, strumming patterns, and note patterns. Some songs will be chosen by the instructor while others will be chosen by the students. Students will also learn to determine note names and scales through use of the fretboard. Primary homework will be practice-based, with the expectation of at least one hour of practice per day. Secondary homework will include music theory worksheets, wherein students will practice reading standard music notation, tablature, and chord charts. Students will also learn to transpose songs using a capo device on their guitar. Final evaluations will include a performance test and a written exam addressing the skills needed to learn a song on the guitar using notation. This course is designed to provide beginner students with the tools and technique to play basic popular songs on the guitar and to continue learning songs independently following the completion of the class.