This course requires seniors to demonstrate proficiency in the communication arts major. To that end, they must speak, write, and use technology in class in preparation of presenting a final capstone that exhibits their abilities in those three areas. Each student will write a thesis proposal, which must be approved by the course instructor. A student may present a proposal for another sort of project, but this sort must be reviewed and approved by the department faculty in the semester prior to the Senior Capstone in order to give the student more time to work on the project. Examples of projects include: a radio drama or documentary, a short film, a theatre project such as a one-act play, a public relations campaign, a script or acting performance.

In addition to the final thesis or project, each student will construct a poster that distills his or her thesis or project and will present that poster during the College’s poster session. Student projects will be presented at the end of the semester. Student thesis papers will be synthesized into a panel presentation at the end of the semester. The course itself will offer a series of reading, writing, and speaking assignments that lead the student to the completion of his or her final thesis or project.